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Re: 視頻﹕2009.4.25 衛詩返港 面容憔悴

The paparazzi are acting like hooligans themselves (sorry, but i was indeed disturbed by the way that camera man forced open the car door.)
Jill is really lucky to be back in hk, if it happened in singapore/malaysia, the outcome could be drastically different. Have a good rest. don't take those stuff anymore, love your life.

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2009-04-25 新聞
衛詩乘坐航班已抵港/ 衛詩休息後會出來向傳媒交代
視頻﹕2009.4.25 衛詩返港 面容憔悴
Re: 視頻﹕2009.4.25 衛詩返港 面容憔悴
黎明演唱會2009 ——憑中銀信用卡優先訂票
衛詩結束受審啟程返港 面對記者一言不發
粉 絲 大 鬥 法 (邁克)
看戲不帶偏見才是真正的觀眾, 「邁克」看得很通透
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