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Milan Men's Fall Collections 2011 --- Front Row at Z Zegna
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GOODE SHOW: How things have changed for actor Matthew Goode, who starred in Tom Ford’s “A Single Man.” From his front-row perch at the Z Zegna show on Tuesday, Goode said he discovered the Italian fashion house when working on the film “Chasing Liberty” in Venice in 2003.

“I had a look in the store, but—oh, the prices. All I could afford was an aftershave, which I love and wear to this day,” said the dapper Goode, who just wrapped Jonathan Teplitzky’s “Burning Man,” which is set in Australia. Also sitting front row at the show, were Hong Kong singer and actor Aarif Lee of “My Brother Bruce Lee” fame and German actor Daniel Brühl, who said he’ll soon be heading to Cuba, to begin work on “7 Days In Havana.”

The film will be directed by a group of directors, including Benicio Del Toro, Gaspar Noé and Julio Medem. So what kind of role will Brühl play? “I guess a lover, what else could it be in Cuba?”.

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2011-01-26 新聞
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Milan Men's Fall Collections 2011 --- Front Row at Z Zegna
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